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Kingsville Area Fast Facts For Birders
  • Five different kinds of orioles are known to nest here

  • Twenty-five different raptor species have been recorded here

  • Among largest count of Harris’ Hawks, White-tailed Hawks and Crested Caracara

  • Largest U.S. Population of nesting Tropical Parula

  • Area lies in the two greatest flyways of Western Hemisphere

  • Primary funnel for migratory wildlife Coastal Migration Corridor for neotropics

  • Route for Circum Gulf migrants

  • Stopover for Trans Gulf migrants

  • Mild winters -great wintering area

  • At least twelve specialty birds can be seen in summer months

  • South Texas bird count (450 species) rates second to Sonora Desert (500 species)

  • South Texas known as “The Last Great Habitat” in conservation and environmental research

  • Green Jay on Christmas Bird Count usually higher than any other place

  • See Vermilion Flycatcher in winter

  • See Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in summer

  • One of the highest Christmas Bird Count areas without significant coastline

  • In top 50 out of 800 in Christmas Bird Count

 Birding Hotspots


Kingsville is conveniently located within 20 minutes of some of the finest fishing to be had in South Texas. Via the regional Baffin Bay, one may find red drum, trout, flounder, and many other species.  There are also many local guides that will gladly provide you with services any time throughout the year. More information on available guides can be found here.

Baffin Bay is a bay in South Texas, an inlet of the larger Laguna Madre. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, Baffin Bay forms part of the boundary between Kenedy County and Kleberg County. Riviera Beach and Loyola Beach are salt water recreational areas on the upper reaches of Baffin Bay, southeast of Kingsville. Baffin Bay off Laguna Madre is known for saltwater trout and red drum fishing. Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park & Sea Wind RV Resort has a boat ramp, campground, swimming beach, picnic areas, playground, fishing pier and other amenities. Fishing piers and bait-tackle shops are also available at Riviera Beach Park. More information on Baffin Bay can be found here.

For information on where to get fresh bait & tackle, visit here.

Fishing Review Video

The Harrod’s head out on an adventure to South Texas and fish for reds, drum, and speck’s in Baffin Bay. Enjoy this special edition of The Northwest Outdoorsmen and be sure to check out more.

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