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J.K. Northway

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The J.K. Northway Exposition Center is an essential part of the Kingsville Community and the Dick Kleberg Park complex. Its an outdoor, air-conditioned multipurpose coliseum that can be converted to host large concerts or rodeo-type events. This building’s arena is over 18,000 square feet and has standing room of over 5,000 and outside the perimeter of the arena are four sections of bleachers that accommodate 2,500 seats. The Center and grounds host many events throughout the year, including the Kleberg Kenedy County Junior Livestock Show which consists of a horse show, pee wee shows, an auction, a parade, a concert, a cook-off, a carnival and much more.

Six months out of the year the air-conditioned multipurpose facility arena is transformed.

For information about scheduled events or for booking information contact Kleberg County office at 361-595-8585.

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